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Goal Magic: Get Unstuck, Get It Started, Get It Finished

My new 8 week online coaching course is now closed.


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You matter. Your dreams matter. Let me show you how to bring your dreams to life, one habit at a time, one task at a time, one milestone at a time. Together, we can do this! 

Hey, Lovely

Are you having problems getting stuff done?

Maybe you’re stuck and you can’t choose a direction. Maybe you feel uninspired and flat and everything seems too hard. Maybe you’ve got a plan or a project but you can’t seem to get started. Or worse, you started and then it all fizzled out.

You’re not alone. Lots of people are experiencing these kinds of issues right now for the first time. Or, maybe, it’s always been a problem.

We’re midway through 2020, and it’s been a crazy year so far. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the second half of this year to still get some traction on your dreams, or to choose new ones and start over.

Even if you have a history of having never finished ANYTHING I can help you change that.

My new 8 week Goal Magic coaching program will help you finally get unstuck, get started and get stuff done. I promise it will be easy, and that you’ll be able to do this course at home, in your pyjamas. The step-by-step processes I teach you will work even if you are ill, or depressed, or time poor. I know, because they work for me!

Get ready. Help is coming! 🙏🏻

The course is open now, with some pre-course activities to get you started. The course content begins on 27 July, 2020 and will go for 8 weeks.

In this course I will teach you:

❤️ my exact process for creating habits that stick

❤️ my step-by-step process for choosing goals and then breaking them down into steps you can actually achieve

❤️ mindset tricks and tips to help you manage and overcome stuckness, apathy and low moods

❤️ a system that will work if you are unwell, depressed, time-poor or lacking faith in yourself

❤️ 8 weeks of content in delicious bite-sized and easily digestible chunks

❤️ handouts, workbooks and fun tools

❤️ 8 live webinars

❤️ access to our private Goal Magic Facebook Group

❤️ me and my team, guiding you step by step, so that you finally get stuff DONE

❤️ 8 weeks of you DOING STUFF, with support and help along the way

Now, more than ever, we need tools to help us manage our moods, manage our workloads, and that help us to be productive, work sustainably and have room in our lives for our hopes and dreams.

You matter, and your dreams matter.

Taking control of your life by learning patterns of completion, and by learning how to choose the things that will become habits or projects for you is a powerful way to develop self-sovereignty. I’ll show you how to start small, so that even if your dream is huge, you’ll be able to learn the skills to make that dream a reality. I’ll show you how to carve out time for yourself, and how to deal with problems, obstacles and the things that have derailed you in the past.

Stress and social isolation or disrupted life routines can play havoc with our mental health and our capacity to function effectively. Goal Magic gives you the tools to better manage your life and your headspace, no matter what is going on for you right now, because getting stuff done is always empowering and satisfying.

Psychologists have found that one of the key factors in people being happy and coping well in life is having meaningful work – my system helps you to create that meaningful work for yourself, no matter what is happening in your life.

Even if you’ve struggled with starting or completing stuff before, my gentle step-by-step processes will help build your skills and confidence until you can do this on your own. During this 8 week coaching course my team and I will be with you, lesson by lesson, step by step, as you learn and grow, and we’ve built all kinds of encouragement and support into our learning processes.

I look forward to working with you. Together, we’re going to get stuff started and get stuff finished. It’s going to be grand! ❤️

This Course IS For You If: ☑️

  • You are ready to make changes in your life and finally get stuff done
  • You are prepared to take responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • You are ready to have an attitude of possibilty
  • You can commit to following my very simple processes
  • You are ready to show up and do the work EVEN if you are currently feeling overwhelmed, anxious or nervous about signing up for yet another course that you don’t complete (Don’t worry – I have a simple process for that too!)

This Course Is NOT For You If: ❌

  • You are hoping that by buying the course your work will somehow miraculously get done with no effort from you
  • You are looking for a quick-fix instead of a learned process and system that will take some time and energy on your part
  • You actually need a one-on-one coach or are using this as a replacement for therapy
  • You are not prepared to try new ways of thinking, doing and being
  • You are racist, homophobic, sexist, judgmental or just plain mean


Why Learn With Me?

If you’ve struggled to build habits or to get things finished (or started!) I want you to know that you’re in the right place.

I’ve been both a Champion Completer and a Rockstar of a Failure-To-Finish. That gives me a unique perspective into how it feels to be stuck and unable to get motivated or to get things done and to also know how it feels to be able to overcome that mindset and those poor habits that kept me stuck.

In my corporate career, I built a seven-figure business out of meeting impossible deadlines, building educational courses, and learning materials for Universities, Government Departments, and large corporations. The clients would always come to me when deadlines for presenting their courses were looming, and I was their last hope to get something ready to deliver. That taught me skills I still use today, to manage my time, and to complete complex projects.

I have also battled chronic illness my whole adult life. This means that I have had many periods in my life with brain fog, limited energy, and a need to manage my life and earn an income from home, in my pajamas.

I created a simple step-by-step process to help me get stuff done when I was at my lowest point but still needed to function in the world. That system got me through when nothing else in my life was helping. If it works for me, it will work for you. It’s a very gentle and user-friendly system that will nurture your soul and help you work towards your dreams in practical ways that can also adapt to life’s unexpected turns. It’s what I based my Journeymaker’s Planner on, and thousands of people have now used this system to create positive change and self-empowerment in their own lives.

Goal Magic is a deep dive into my system for getting unstuck, making decisions, getting clarity, building a plan, and then getting stuff started and finished. In fact, I created this course with my team in ten intensive days, after some of my students asked me for help.  It’s all here waiting for you, and so am I. I’m looking forward to helping you create habits that will change your life. ❤️

Are You Ready? Starting Soon!









See you there!


GOAL MAGIC is now closed for enrollment.
Stay tuned for the next GOAL MAGIC course launch. Details coming soon.
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"If you’ve been thinking about working with Nicole I’m here to tell you that you just have to say YES. I’ve worked with Nic through courses and private coaching and it has transformed my life. I have cancer, and most people only see my illness. Nicole is the first person who understood that I can be a creative person and can still work towards my dreams even though I have limited energy. She has helped me to use what energy I do have in better and more productive ways. I’ll be forever grateful for her guidance."


"I’ve been following Nicole since 2012 and I’m so grateful for all she does for the community she has created. Her approach is positive, affirming, welcoming, honest, down to earth, funny and nurturing."


"Nicole's guidance and reflections through these heartbreaking times was a very much needed wise feminine voice when I was surrounded by so much frantic energy in my family and the world at large. Her planner is inspiring, spiritful and practical. It has helped me so much to focus my poor muddled mind, commit to and act on my self care, nurtured my soul, nudged me on track with projects both big, small and in between that bring meaning and purpose to my life. Small acts every day or so inspired by Nicole's work and the online community really is having an incremental positive effect on my life, my energy and my creativity in all that I do. Thank you Nicole and team for all that you do in building this beautiful community. With love, Emma"


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